Friday, May 24, 2024

Baca is advising Obama on wooing Latinos

Joe Baca head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is advising Obama on how to win in areas that are heavily Latino

Congressman Joe Baca (D-San Bernardino) still marvels at the fact that he has been tapped by Democratic candidate Barack Obama to advise the presidential hopeful on how to woo the Latino vote nationwide.

“In this presidential election, we have the probability of breaking barriers and setting the course of history.”

Baca said that even though he is a member of minority group, it does not mean he only represents minority interests.

“When we speak and vote, it’s to help everyone,” he said.

Baca is visibly energized by the upcoming presidential election and predicted “there will be a high turnout because people want to be a part of history.”

Baca said that although there is definitely an interest in the Latino vote, the issues Latinos care about transcend racial and party lines.

“These are American issues; Latinos care about the war, too many are dying and too many of them are minorities. Let’s bring our kids back,” he said, adding several other issues: “We want to feed our families; the education of our children is important to us; healthcare; and faith. We are a faith people. We have a responsibility to tell Latinos about these issues, then we will deal with transportation, water, foreclosures, and the gas prices that are causing hardships.”

Baca noted that 65 percent of the district is Latino and that he understands the concerns of the district.

Fontana Herald News