Friday, July 19, 2024

Latinas for McCain

Group plans on organizing grassroots efforts to garner support for McCain among Latinas

Tibi Ellis is the group’s national ambassador. She is honest about what she is up against and says Democrats have shown they can register new Latino voters in huge numbers. But Ellis insists the Democrats don’t worry her. “Historically, they get them registered but they don’t get them out to vote. We get them out to vote,” she says.

To get Latinos out to vote, the McCain campaign hopes to talk a lot about family values and issues such as abortion. The pitch will be made on the ground by people such as Teresa Ramirez, a registered Democrat who also attended the breakfast.

“I’m ready to help Mr. McCain with anything I can do with the Spanish community,” Ramirez says, who has a salon and day spa where “I have a chance to talk to our clients.”

One thing Ramirez will discuss with her clients, she says, is how Illinois Democrat Barack Obama’s movement for change scares her. It reminds her of Latin American leaders who called for change, then took their countries down dangerous paths, she says, noting Venezuela and Cuba. “Look what happened with Fidel Castro,” she says. People “wanted change — look what change they do. Terrible change.”