Saturday, May 25, 2024

Opinions on McCain and Obama's Hispanic outreach

Read some of the reviews and commentary on the Latino outreach efforts of presidential hopefuls below:

Obama and McCain’s awkward Hispanic outreach

Like eager but awkward suitors, Barack Obama and John McCain are working hard and sometimes fumbling in their efforts to court Hispanic voters who could swing November’s presidential election.For the African-American Obama and white Anglo McCain, the problem is less one of language than of trying to understand a group whose own diversity can make it a mystery to others.

Daily News

Obama Looks to the Power of the Latino Vote

McCain faces an uphill climb to attract Hispanics’ support, given their consistent and solid support for Obama in recent months.”

What can make the real difference is Obama’s ability to generate considerably larger turnout among Latino voters. Hispanic voters have the lowest voter registration rates of any racial constituency other than Asians. According to the Census Bureau, just 58 percent of eligible Hispanics were registered to vote in 2004, compared to 75 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 69 percent of blacks.

Washington Post

The Great Migration of the Hisapanic Vote

Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday before the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was very important for several reasons. First, it signals that Obama has rebounded from his primary perception deficit with Latino voters and has built a two-to-one advantage over John McCain. Second, and this is more important, this could signal the beginning of a working partnership between African-Americans and Hispanics in the adoption and implementation of public policy initiatives, but, as we all know, you have to win before you can govern.

SF Examiner