Monday, June 17, 2024

Candidates are urged to stop the "inaccurate and inflamatory language" that has taken over the immigration debate

President of NCLR urges leaders to take action and points to recent ads that are shaping the debate…

After decades of punching beneath their political weight, NCLR and its allies have vowed to boost Hispanic voter participation in this election by eating away at the gap between Hispanics eligible to vote and the number who turn out on Election Day.

On Friday, NCLR President Janet Murguia challenged both presidential candidates to take a stand against “inaccurate and inflammatory language” she said those in both parties are using on the immigration issue, adding that “hate has hijacked the immigration debate.”

As examples, she pointed to a leaflet from the Missouri State Democratic Committee that accused a Republican candidate of allowing 5 million illegal immigrants into the country and to a commercial being run by a Republican congressional candidate in Alabama using images of brown hands in handcuffs.

“Our political leaders can stop it,” she said. “They should stop it.”

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