Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bill Richardson for Vice President?

In an editorial published today.The Denver Post is urging Senator Barack Obama to choose Bill Richardson as his running mate, during the Democratic National Convention which will take place in Colorado next month. The editorial suggests that Senator Obama has narrowed his list of potential vice presidents to either Senator Evan Bayh of Illinois or Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico. It then states that based Governor Richardson’s foreign policy credentials as well as his experience holding executive office, he would be the most qualified to serve as vice president. At the same time his qualifications would offset two of Senator Obama’s weaknesses, his lack of foreign policy credentials and lack executive experience.

The editorial reads:

“Richardson’s record not only qualifies him to assume the presidency, it makes him an ideal partner to the visionary and eloquent Obama in the task of running this country. And as a leading figure in a Rocky Mountain West that has emerged as a swing political region, Richardson could do more than any other possible running mate to carry the Democratic ticket to victory in November.”

In essence the Denver Post is endorsing Bill Richardson for vice president before any announcement is actually made….

Denver Post