Sunday, July 21, 2024

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Discuss the Importance of Latino Voters

Barack Obama and Joe Biden sat down for an interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos this past Monday. During this interview the Democratic ticket assured Latino voters they will play an important role in next month’s election.

Both candidates agreed that Latino voters will play a decisive role in states such as New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado y Florida. Biden added that in his home state of Delaware, “there was an important growth in population and one fourth of that growth occurred in the Latino community.”

Obama said that, “the Latino vote will be of great importance in this election. Latinos have to decide if they would like to continue with eight more years of the same failed economic policies.”

Obama and Biden also addressed answers regarding Latin America. When asked if he would meet with the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez , Obama stated,” As president of the United States it is my duty to meet with whomever is necessary, whenever and wherever. If doing so will make our country safer.”

Biden approached the issue of what type of action would be taken by the United States if it were to be discovered that Russia is helping Venezuela develop nuclear weapons or facilities. He responded that the problem is that, “The current administration and John McCain have no coherent foreign policy towards Russia or Venezuela. I mean he(John McCain) even said he would not meet with the leader of Spain who is a member of NATO.”

Jorge Ramos prompted the men to answer questions regarding Latin America in light of the fact that during the foreign policy debate last Friday, there was little mention or discussion of this part of the world. Obama on his part clarified that he did mention Latin America despite the fact that there were no direct questions on the subject.

We look forward to seeing a similar interview with Spanish media feturing John McCain and Sarah Palin. However, given Sarah Palin’s limited media accessibility it seems unlikely an interview such as this will occur.


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