Saturday, June 15, 2024

Labor and Hispanic Groups Angered by Confirmation Delay for Solis

The largest labor and Hispanic groups are angered after the delayed confirmation of Labor Secretary designate Hilda Solis. The Huffington Post reports that they are planning a “full-out political and media blitz” to help get Solis approved and officially confirmed into the Obama cabinet.

“Enough is enough, the gloves are coming off on Friday,” said one official with the AFL-CIO, outraged over the delays. “Labor, women’s groups, Hispanic groups are opening fire. We worked with Republicans in good faith. Hilda Solis has answered all their questions but they continue to oppose her for partisan ideological reasons.”

Yesterday, Solis’s nomination was postponed yet again after her husband paid $6,400 in tax liens against his business, raising more questions. The Obama administration already has quietly appointed career Labor Department manager Ed Hugler to serve as interim secretary until Solis can be confirmed.

Union officials are rallying to support Solis, “Our full efforts are being mobilized to fight back,” the union official said. “Earned media and field campaign to generate calls, letters, and emails coming tomorrow. Depending on how things move paid media will be added on top of these efforts.”

Unnamed sources also report that the White House is fed up with delay and agrees that’s it’s time for supporters to fully engage.

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