Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Broadcast Channel Aimed at Positive Portrayals of African-Americans and Latinos

All too often the portrayal of African-Americans and Latinos is a negative one in Hollywood. In an effort to defy the norm, this week the New Paradigm Broadcast Network (NPBN), which is based in Los Angeles, was launched. The media network’s goal is to engage and entertain viewers through positive, affirming, and empowering programming.

The network is taking a unique approach with its focus on African-American and Hispanic audiences by utilizing its web site (www.npbn.com) to invite viewers to provide input on shaping NPBN programming and encouraging visitors to share ideas, thoughts, videos, and other materials though innovative online tools.

When NPBN launches as a broadcast network for the 2009 – 2010 season, it will integrate with www.npbn.com to create a modern, truly 21st century media company with an open forum that allows the portrayal of the modern reality of African-Americans and Hispanics.

NPBN’s innovative shows that are in development such as “In the Park” and “Everything” can be found at www.npbn.com. NPBN will use the site to air clips and receive community input on the network’s programming.

President and CEO Landon Taylor highlights the importance of going against the typical stereotypes that plagues minorities, “NPBN will deliver refreshing reality, instead of the same tired stereotypes that have been all too common on America’s airwaves. We’re bringing new energy to the airwaves and the Internet by re-imagining entertainment as uplifting, educational, and reflective of the real world in which millions of us live today.”

“NPBN.com expands the possibilities of interactive media, allowing viewers to connect meaningfully, not only with each other, but also with the network itself,” said NPBN Vice President for Business Development, Cassandra Moreno.

Moreno continues, “We have every confidence that our network will resonate with its target audiences because that’s who we’re counting on to help us build it.”

NPBN’s unique online forum for viewers is a product of a partnership with the Digital Media Academy, which will include young and student television and film makers to produce innovative content.

Rolando Nichols, CEO of Centro TV and anNPBN Digital Media Academy, said , “I decided to partner with NPBN in support of the DMA to ensure that America’s next generation of filmmakers is not only diverse, but also competitive with the top talent worldwide, expansive in their thinking, creative in their execution, and forward-thinking in their outlook.”