Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hispanic Caucus Admonishes Boehner

(Washington DC) – The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) today blasted a video posted on the official House website of Minority Leader John Boehner’s website. Interwoven in between images of the Pentagon on fire after the attacks of 9/11 and terrorists burning American flags and firing missiles is a picture of the CHC meeting with President Barack Obama. The insinuation that the CHC or the Hispanic community should be feared is troubling to the Members of the Caucus and another example of just how out of touch the GOP is.

“Latinos contribute to the progress of this nation, and have a long standing history of serving of our country,” said Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Chairwoman of the CHC. “The video posted on Congressman John Boehner’s official website is a completely inappropriate message for the leader of the minority party to send to the American people. It’s disrespectful to the hard-working Latinos across the nation, serving in every sector of our economy and on our military’s front lines. The CHC demands an apology from the Minority Leader for this insensitivity and that the video be removed immediately.”

The CHC has sent a letter to the Minority Leader requesting an apology and that the video be removed immediately.

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