Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Poll Reveals Reality of Hispanic Voters

A new poll from America’s Voice, a group favoring immigration reform similar to what Obama has outlined, has mixed reviews for the White House. The poll, conducted by Sergio Bendixen of Bendixen & Associates, reveals that Obama has strengthened his support among Hispanic voters, yet the community has high expectations for him to fulfill his promise on comprehensive immigration reform this year.

America’s Voice is using the poll’s results to advocate for fast action on immigration legislation. They argue that Republicans are continuing to lose Hispanic support because of the harsh tone in the debate to control legal and illegal immigration.

The poll consisted of 800 voters and was conducted in 13 key states from April 28th to May 5th. Fifteen percent of those interviewed lived in Florida, 29 percent in California, and 24 percent in Texas. The survey’s error margin is 4 percentage points.

Bendixen says the results reveal important information about the Hispanic community, ‘‘It’s a very personal issue. What’s new in this poll is the growing intensity among Hispanic voters.”

Politico columnist Gebe Martinez reports that three-fourths of Hispanics give Obama rating of “excellent” or “good”.

Results also demonstrate that there is a gap in support between both major parties among Hispanics, 59 percent identifying with Democrats and only 20 as Republican.
During his presidential campaign, Obama campaigned on a promise to propose a comprehensive immigration bill to Congress during his first year in office. The poll found that 72 percent of Hispanics expect him to keep his promise, while 17 said he will break it.

Overall the immigration issue is significant and personal for many Hispanics. 59 percent of respondents said immigration was ”very” important. 69 percent said they knew undocumented migrants personally. 75 percent of Hispanic voters said the anti-immigrant sentiment against Hispanics is currently growing.


Miami Herald