Saturday, March 2, 2024

CHC Pleased as Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings Commence

(Washington DC) -The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) members were pleased with the bipartisan tone set at today’s opening of Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Confirmation Hearing for her nomination to the United States Supreme Court. The CHC has previously endorsed Judge Sotomayor based on her distinguished and significant experience and qualifications. Judge Sotomayor brings more federal judicial experience than anyone nominated to the Supreme Court in the past 100 years, and more overall bench experience then anyone nominated in the past 70 years.

“With this hearing, all of America will have the opportunity to see why Judge Sotomayor will be a great addition to the highest court of the land,” said Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez (D-NY), the Chairwoman of CHC. “Throughout her life, she has demonstrated a commitment to judge impartially and a tireless dedication to equal justice under the law. Judge Sotomayor’s personal story of emerging from public housing to become one of our nation’s finest legal minds is an inspiration for all of us. I look forward to a positive and informative hearing, and to providing my testimony later this week on behalf of the CHC.”

The CHC Members that attended today’s hearings were Chairwoman Nydia M. Velazquez, Congressman Jose Serrano, and Senator Robert Menendez. Chairwoman Velazquez and Congressman Serrano will offer their testimony in support of Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation later this week.

Watch the hearings live: Congressional Hispanic Caucus