Saturday, July 20, 2024

Obama's Victory Illustrates Power of Minority Voters


After the historic election of the nation’s first Black president, attempts have been made to portray the U.S. as finally united across racial and ethnic lines. Unfortunately, in the months that have passed it has become clear that this view is simply an overgeneralization that overlooks the enormous voter-turnout rates of minorities.

Taylor Media Services conducted research and analysis of exit polls and official data in order to determine who can be credited with Barack Obama’s success. One study found that if the election had been solely up to white voters, the Republican candidate John McCain would have been the victor. For example, a CNN exit poll found only 43 percent of the nation’s whites cast their vote for Obama.

However, it was established that the vast majority of nearly all U.S. minority groups voted for Obama. This is the primary reason he beat McCain at a 52.9 percent to 45.7 percent margin. The news source Politico, found that 95 percent of Blacks cast ballots for Obama. Additionally, 66 percent of Hispanics (the nation’s largest minority group) and 63 percent of Asian Americans voted for Obama.

The combination of the majority of these groups voting in his favor and increased voter turnout across the board led to Obama’s victory. The nation’s Black women turned out at the highest rate; followed by white women, white men and then Black men.

Taylor Media Services