Friday, July 19, 2024

PEW Study Examines Attitudes in Mexico

A report released by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, part of the nonpartisan, non-advocacy Pew Research Center, examined the attitude of Mexicans toward a number of issues.

Noting crime, illegal drugs, economic issues, and political corruption as problems, an overwhelming number of Mexicans are dissatisfied with the direction their country is headed. Nearly six-in-ten Mexicans believe that those who leave their country for the United States are better off there, and one-in-three say they would move to the U.S. if they had the opportunity – either legally or illegally.

However, as reported in La Plaza yesterday, the Census Bureau found that immigration from Mexico to the U.S. is declining. The Pew Global Attitudes survey reports four-in-ten Mexicans say they know someone who left for the U.S. but had to return because they were unable to find employment, and 47% know someone who was turned back by the border patrol.

Virtually all Mexicans see illegal drugs as a problem and are supportive of a tough stance against drug traffickers – 83% support using the army to fight drug traffickers.

Interviews were conducted with 1,000 adults in Mexico. The full report is available at