Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sheriff Arpaio Walks Out of Round Table Discussion at ASU

On Monday night, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio walked out of a round table discussion on the First Amendment and media issues. The event was held at Arizona State University in Phoenix and Arpaio was one of the guest speakers for the school’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication series.

The Sheriff, who has been making waves for sometime due to his extreme position on illegal immigration, exited the forum after being interrupted by protestors. After 45 minutes of questioning, the protestors began to disrupt the event when Arpaio was attempting to respond to questions regarding illegal immigration.

An ASU Dean asked the protestors to stop so that the First Amendment Forum could continue, but the protestors refused and continued to sing and chant until Sheriff Arpaio walked out.

A number of people rallied outside the Cronkite School, and even some Arpaio supporters were present carrying signs praising him.

In the short time he was able to speak, Arpaio responded to questions about his relationship with reporters and the media and he said that he provides the media acceptable access to public records.

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