Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Report: California immigrant men more likely to be employed

A study released by the California Immigrant Policy Center shows that 84 percent of Latino and Asian immigrant men of working age are employed compared with 78 percent of U.S.-born Latino and Asian men. Immigrant women were less likely to be employed than their U.S.-born counterparts.

The study was compiled from U.S. Census data pooled from the American Community Survey from 2005 to 2007 and demonstrates that one-quarter of San Diego County’s gross domestic product is generated by immigrant workers, either entrepreneurs or employed by others. Latino immigrants in the county have a self-employment rate of 13 percent, higher than native-born citizens, including native-born Latinos.

Estela de los Rios, president of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, said, “Our economy is in crisis, but immigrants are contributing.”

According to the federal community survey data on which the report is based, 27 percent of the state’s residents are immigrants, and 43 percent of those are naturalized U.S. citizens. Twenty-three percent of San Diego County residents are immigrants, and 45 percent of those are naturalized citizens.

San Diego County’s immigrant population includes: 54 percent from Latin America, 32.9 percent from Asia, 8.2 percent from Europe and 2.1 percent from Africa. Immigrants in the county make up nearly one-third of the labor force.

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