Sunday, May 19, 2024

Latina Runs for Lieutenant Governor in Texas

Linda Chavez-Thompson, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Although the March 2nd primary for the governor race in Texas is getting most of the attention in the news, the primary for lieutenant governor could be a worthwhile race to watch.

Linda Chavez-Thompson, a second generation Mexican-American, is running against former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle and Austin deli owner Mac Katz in the democratic primary for lieutenant governor.

The Republican incumbent is David Dewherst, who is seeking a third four-year term. Similar to 2006 and 2002, he is unopposed in his party’s primary.

Chavez started working in Lubbock County cotton fields when she was ten years old and went on to become a national known labor leader. She is most well known for her work as executive vice president of AFL-CIO.

If elected she would make the budget legislative priorities, along with public and higher education. In a recent interview she said, “If we are going to have a shortfall that the state comptroller and others are projecting, we need to make sure that needy Texans don’t carry the burden as it happened in 2003 when the Legislature had a $10 billion deficit.”

She went on to say that funding schools is critical because the student population keeps growing and the dropout rate continues to grow.

Chavez cited her background when she filed earlier to be a candidate earlier this year saying, “I’ve worked hard all my life to overcome long odds and succeed, and I know Texans have the skill and the will to meet any challenge.”

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