Saturday, March 2, 2024

GUEST BLOGGER SERIES: Adrianna Quintero “Staying the Course towards a Clean Energy Future”


Latinovations would like to thank Adrianna Quintero for her contribution to La Plaza.

Americans recognize the need for legislation that will create jobs, cut our oil imports in half and reduce the carbon pollution that threatens us all. Business and labor leaders, national security experts, environmentalists and others want to move forward into the clean energy future we need. And Hispanics are no exception. A recent poll by the National Latino Council on Climate Change in March found that about three out of four Latino voters in Florida (76%) and Nevada (74%), and about two out of three voters in Colorado (64%), consider global warming very or somewhat serious. Three out of four Latino voters in each state say Congress should take action now. This is why earlier this year, we joined forces to form a business and Latino leader driven coalition called Voces Verdes and have joined American Businesses for Clean Energy to call for climate and clean energy legislation now.

For months, senators Graham, Kerry, and Lieberman have been working together in a bipartisan manner to respond to that call and bring forward legislation that has now been delayed. We cannot afford to let this important legislation get derailed.

As Latinos, we recognize the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform and are counting on our legislators to keep working towards that end. As Latino business owners working in the new green economy and leaders in our community, we also understand why moving on climate and energy legislation is just as important.

Leadership on energy reform is critical if we are to ensure our energy independence, enhance our national security, end our dependence on foreign oil and truly stimulate our country’s economy.

Senate leadership on climate and energy is vital. Action on climate and energy will  create of jobs across the country. Jobs that will keep US workers employed and reaping the benefits of the clean energy economy.

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that a strong clean energy and climate bill will create nearly 2 million jobs, could cut our oil imports in half and position America to dominate the global clean energy market, which is expected to attract $230 billion in annual investment by 2020, and promote the development of the next generation of energy efficient cars, homes, and workplaces.

We cannot afford to wait on green technology for another couple of years. China is already leading the world now in wind production and just inaugurated a new wind farm in Nevada. China is also leading the world in solar production. If we continue to delay action, we will not be able to compete. Let’s forge ahead towards a clean energy future together – now.

The following Hispanic business leaders have signed on to this cause:

Jose Ramirez, Viento Solutions, South Carolina

Alex Garza, Las Vegas, Nevada

Norberto Madrigal, Lunas Construction Clean Up Inc., Nevada

Rosa Sugrañes, Iberia Tiles, Florida

Carlos Blumberg, Esq. Blumberg Law Firm, Nevada

Pedro Zamora, Kyland-USA, Missouri

Tom Soto, Craton Equity Partners, California

Roberto Carmona, Crimson Leadership Group, Illinois

Santiago Cueto, Cueto Law Firm, Florida

Beto Lopez, JB Lopez Real Estate Co, Missouri

Augusto Casamayor, Certified Green Partners, Florida

Gilbert Barrera II, Reach Solutions, Arkansas

Adrianna Quintero is the founder and director of La Onda Verde, a program designed to provide Latinos everywhere bilingual access to environmental information and the tools with which to get involved and fight global warming. La Onda Verde is the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Latino Advocacy and Outreach Program.