Friday, July 19, 2024

Teens Videotape the Beating of Latino Immigrant

In New York, a videotape of a gang of three teens beating a 47-year-old father, cook assistant and immigrant Abelino Manzaniego has led to the arrest of Khayri Williams Clark,18, Nigel Dumas, 19, and a 17-year –old who remains unidentified.

On July 17th, Manzaniego was sitting on a bench across the street from his job when he was quickly surrounded by four teens.

One of the teens had a cell phone video camera on and started recording them attacking Mazaniego. He was beaten unconscious and pronounced dead days later at the hospital.

In addition, The Associated Press reports that during Mazaniego’s visit to the emergency room — a nurse allegedly stole several hundred dollars from his wallet.

After Mazaniego’s family members noticed the missing money they notified authorities.  The nurse was later charged with theft on Monday July 23rd.

A shrine to Mazaniego has been erected on the bench where he was attacked.  Mazaniego’s wife of 29 years and family members of Mazaniego were too upset to speak to press about the attack.

Neil Rodriguez the manager of The Wine List, who knew the victim, was reported saying “It’s a random act of violence there is not a lot of racial strife in this town”.

He adds, “I’d like to see the parents that produced such monsters” referencing to the alleged attackers, even though the “monster” who was allegedly recording the attack on Mazaniego has not been charged for anything yet.