Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hispanic Home Ownership Down

The number of Hispanics who own their own home fell below 50 percent since 2007, according to

In 2007, 50.1 percent of Hispanics owned their own home but in 2009 that percentage was down to 46.8, the site reported.  The numbers were taken from the Census Bureau, which showed that overall the percentage of all Americans who own their homes fell to 66.6 percent, the lowest since 1998.

African-American home ownership also fell to 44.8 percent, down from 48 percent in 2007.  The home ownership rate for Whites is 74.2 percent.

The home ownership gap between whites and minorities is also the highest it has ever been since data has been kept, about 30 percent, the site says.  The Census has been recording data on home ownership by ethnicity since 1994.

The all-time high of 69 percent of home ownership was just six years ago in 2004.

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