Monday, April 15, 2024

Hispanics Top Smartphone Owners

A new report by Nielsen found that Hispanics and minorities own smartphones at a higher rate than other mobile users in the country.

The survey conducted in December found that 45 percent of Hispanics own smartphones, one of the highest rates out of all minority groups, followed by 33 percent of blacks.  Only Asian/Pacific Islanders matched the rate of Hispanics who own smartphones, also at 45 percent.  Whites had the lowest rate of smartphone ownership at 27 percent.

The number of smartphone owners is increasing all across the country as well, with almost a third of all mobile phone users opting for a smartphone, the report says.  In the last six months, over half of all Hispanics who bought a mobile phone chose a smartphone, a total of 56 percent.

The group that bought the most smartphones over this same period was Asian/Pacific Islanders at 60 percent.  Forty-four percent of Blacks and 42 percent of whites also purchased smarthphones during this time.

The Nielsen study results gives credence to the findings from a report last July by the Pew Internet and American Life Project that revealed 51 percent Latinos accessed the internet via their mobile devices, the highest rate out of any group.  That study said Latinos are generally making better use of the features on their mobile devices and with about half of these being smartphones; it only makes sense that the internet is one of the most heavily used features.

The popular iPhone was the smartphone of choice for Hispanics, according to the study.  The survey conducted in December sampled a lesser amount of people than the usual 20,000 per month, Nielsen said, since it specifically targeted only smartphone owners by race or ethnicity.