Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Latinovations Announces Partnership with

Latinovations announces its partnership with VOXXI, a leading site for independent news and commentary for the acculturated Latino. The multi-platform site, which focuses on issues important to the U.S. Latino community, reports on current news and features insightful analysis and thought provoking blogs.

As an independent voice, VOXXI is committed to transforming the digital media landscape and catapulting Latinos into the forefront of American dialogue. The site is designed to address the Latino gap present in mainstream media by providing excellent journalism and reporting on captivating stories that are intended to educate, engage and entertain the Latino community. The name “VOXXI” comes from the Latin word for voice, “vox”, and the Roman numeral for 21, “XXI”. Together, the two represent the company’s slogan, “The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century.”

Latinovations and VOXXI are excited about this newly formed partnership, and believe it will have a lasting positive impact on the Latino community.  Latinovations and VOXXI will launch a series of initiatives that include hosting a series of roundtables and online discussions. As part of the partnership, the two entities will also share content.

VOXXI has original stories, aggregated news, commentary, in–depth analysis, and user-generated content, all powered by social media. VOXXI covers all news – politics, education, sports, lifestyle, health, trendy news, and more – all with a Hispanic focus. The mission of the  creators of VOXXI is that this site defends with determination the role of Latinos in this country by offering a digital platform where Latinos will be better represented and respected.

Emilio Sanchez, President and CEO of VOXXI, is a renowned editor of EFE News Agency and his media experience spans over 20 years in the U.S. As co-founder of VOXXI, he has been a irrepressible advocate for Latinos in the U.S. and has made it his personal mission to give a voice to all Latinos. He has been tapped to push VOXXI to become the premier, trusted news source for general interest and analysis of both domestic and international news relevant to the Latino community.

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