Saturday, June 22, 2024

Latinos Affected by Oklahoma Tornado





In the tornado-devasted town of Moore, Oklahoma, Latino residents Alfredo Corrales and Viviana Luna endured the storm in the bunker located under their home.

“All of a sudden we were hearing some noises like some voices up above, and we were like, ‘What is that?”’ Corrales said. “So I popped the door open, and there were four or five of our neighbors standing there asking if they could come in. They got in there, and it was probably not even two minutes. The tornado came over, and I just can’t really describe what the sound was like, but it was horrible.”

This was the reality not only for this family, but for many Latino families across the town in which the Latino population has doubled in the last decade.

“It’s hit close to home,” said David Castillo, head of the Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, also stating that he and other Latino leaders will be discussing how to assist people in minority communities as well as others who have suffered losses.

Fox News Latino