Saturday, May 18, 2024

CAP Pushes the Success of Latinos and Minorities with New Book

The Center for American Progress and PolicyLink released today “All-In Nation: An America that Works for All,” a new book that highlights the national conversation about demographic change, racial inequity and the economic benefits of ensuring the success of communities of color today.

“Diversity drives innovation, encourages entrepreneurship, and creates new markets,” the new book reads, “At this crossroads moment, ‘All-In Nation’ points the way to a future where individual freedom is enhanced [and] shared prosperity is ensured.”

According to CAP, the U.S. Census projected that by 2043, people of color – mostly Latinos, will comprise the majority of the population in our nation. Through a combination of groundbreaking analysis and personal essays from contributors, whom together tap a full range of wisdom, experience, and perspective, the new book makes the case that as our nation undergoes profound demographic shifts, it is more urgent than ever to ensure everyone can participate and prosper.

The elimination of racial and ethnic disparities would not only be moral imperative but an economic interest as well. According to new data presented in the book, our gross domestic product would be about $1.2 trillion higher per year, we would have about $192 billion more in federal, state, and local tax revenues, and 13 million people would be lifted out of poverty as a result.

“We know innovation comes from the collaboration and interaction of different ideas, cultures, and attitudes,” said President of CAP Neera Tanden, “Public policy that encourages inclusion and ensuring equal opportunity for all will mean that the U.S. economy grows, rather than stagnates.”

Center For American Progress