Sunday, May 19, 2024

Latinas are Significant Contributors to Mainstream America


A new Nielsen report found that the growing number of Latinas is significantly swaying the educational, economic and cultural well-being of not only their own race, but of the American society and the consumer marketplace.

‘The modern Latina is ‘ambicultural’ with the ability to seamlessly transcend between English and Spanish-language – two cultures – giving her a unique position in our consumer landscape,” said Nielsen’s senior vice president of public affairs and government relations Mónica Gil.

According to the findings, Latinas are a key growth engine of the U.S. female population. Presently, they are exceeding non-Latino females in college enrollment with a record 73% of high school Latina graduates enrolling into college, and they are expected to represent 30% of the total female population in 2060, while the non-Hispanic white female population is expected to drop to 43%.

Latinas are not only improving their education, but cultivating stronger career fields and shifting the view of traditional households. According to the report, 86% of Latina women are considered the decision makers in household spending, making them the largest driving force of the impressive 1.2$ trillion Latino purchasing power. The use of technology and social media among Latinas has also increased, helping them remain connected with their ethnic culture, languages and traditions.

“Latinas are a key driver of economic influence, giving marketers an opportunity to establish new and loyal consumer relationships by acknowledging the needs and following the unique behavior trends of Hispanic women,” said Gil.

Nielsen Newswire