Sunday, March 3, 2024

Former ICE Director Gives Exclusive Interview Regarding his Time at the Controversial Immigration Agency

The former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) John Morton expressed great optimism on an exclusive interview with Vme, a television network geared towards the Hispanic market, about the approval of immigration reform, emphasizing the difference from his term as director to the current situation the U.S. is facing.

“The situation has never been better (to achieve reform),” said Morton, who led ICE for more than four years since he was confirmed unanimously by the Senate in 2009. “The question is not whether immigration reform will be achieved, because the people who are involved know it has to happen sooner or later […] the question is exactly when and what will be the details.”

In 2010, Morton issued a memorandum instructing its agents to focus on removing those undocumented immigrants who had committed crimes and also had incurred on them repeatedly. During his first three years at the office, the number of deportations in the U.S. increased by 7%.

However, Morton explained that good immigration policy would be one that involves no removal of the people who have lived decades in the United States, whose children are American and that “only arrived in the country to work.” He acknowledged during his interview with Vme that the current system is flawed and stated that during his position, he never tried to show that the “law was working well” or that his agency had ” the necessary resources. ”

“There are eleven million people illegally in this country, and there’s just no way to deport them all. It’s impossible,” said the former director of ICE. “Let’s focus the agency’s resources on those people it makes sense to do so, people who have committed crimes, who have been deported several times and have come back, or who have committed fraud.”

Vme will be airing the exclusive interview with former ICE director on Friday at 9 pm. Check your local listings.  It will re-air again on Sunday at noon.

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