Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Latino Joins White House as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Adrian Saenz






White House officials announced today that Former Obama campaign operative Adrian Saenz will now serve as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Saenz will work alongside David Agnew, Deputy Assistant to the President and current Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, in overseeing the Obama Administration’s relationship with state, county, and local officials across the country.

Prior to joining the White House, Saenz was the Senior Advisor for Immigration Reform at Organizing for Action. Saenz has worked on numerous electoral campaigns and has experience working on Capitol Hill. In 2012, he served as the National Latino Vote Director for the Obama-Biden re-election campaign, where he led the implementation of programs to increase engagement and voter turnout among Latino constituents across the country. Saenz was also the Chief of Staff for former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez and Congressman Harry Teague.

Just last year, Saenz was listed among the “Ten Young Latinos in Politics to Watch in 2013”. Today, he joins the White House in a critical role, working to strengthen partnerships with leaders across the nation.

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