Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Cuidado De Salud Expected to Launch this December

According to U.S Health and Human Services, a quiet launch of the Spanish-language Obamacare site is expected early this month despite the negative backlash the government received on the technical glitches and very few bilingual services on the original Obamacare site.

One of the biggest concerns for many individuals is enrollment after only 10 percent of people who accessed the site could actually make it through the enrollment process in October.

“We want the English language web page to be up and running and to be successful. Once we have that, then we want the Spanish language one to be up and running,” said Jane Delgado of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. “People are frustrated when they can’t complete enrollment.”

Investigation into the  website indicated poor internal coding and a serious lack of pre-run test time to blame for the Obamacare website failure. Although there is no guarantee the projected launch date will actually come to fruition according to Joanne Peters, the HSS spokeswoman, the launch of the Spanish-language Obamacare site will come shortly after the main site’s success, as officials want Spanish-language users to be able to provide feedback once everything is up and running.

“We think it’s important to engage with key stakeholders and organizations in this process and get their feedback,” said HSS spokeswoman Joanne Peters, indicating after feedback is received more targeted efforts can be made. “We will ramp up our promotional efforts to drive Spanish speakers to  (the Spanish version of”

Approximately 0.2 million uninsured Hispanics will gain eligibility for coverage through the health insurance marketplace — 3.7 million rely on Spanish.

Fox News Latino