Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Latina Entrepreneur Attributes Culture to her Success








Ivette Mayo, owner of Yo Soy I am, LLC, has become an example for all Latinas in this country on not only entrepreneurship, but how to make their dream a reality while staying true to their Latina culture.

“When you face great challenges and constant change, you develop survival skills that allow you to jump, dive in and love what is in front of you for its pure essence, with no judgment,” Mayo said

Ivette attributes her success to the experiences she encountered while moving from Puerto Rico to the United States at age six and the lessons learned at home while growing up. The Mayo family emphasized the American way-of-life while keeping their Puerto Rican traditions alive at home.  Quoting her mother, Mayo said “From the door out, you are American; from the door in, you are Puerto Rican.”

Mayo has used her multicultural skills learned at an early age to engage her clients in a straightforward way as well as advising them to create an emotional connection with their customers. In addition to Yo Soy I am, LLC, Mayo has created Yo Soy Expressions, a company designed to empower Latina entrepreneurs and “la mujer Latina.”

Nationally, Mayo is considered a leader within the Latina entrepreneur community and was recognized in June by NBC Latino as one of the nation’s top Latina leaders.

When leaving Puerto Rico Mayo remembers her grandmother giving her advice that she considers the best she has ever received. “[You are] going to encounter new challenges in the United States…she told me to embrace them, adapt to and learn from change.”