Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lack of Diversity Still a Major Concern in English- and Spanish-Language Media

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Latinos actors continue to remain less visible in the mainstream media than their white counterparts, with Afro-Latino actors lagging behind substantially in Spanish-language media, according to Columbia University’s Media and Idea Lab.

It is true that Latino actors rank among the most influential: Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Javier Bardem, just to name a few. Yet according to the report, in the 1950’s, Latinos made up 2.8 percent of the population and accounted for 3.9 percent of lead actor roles, while in 2013, Latinos held no lead roles among the top ten movies and scripted series, even after the Latino population has increased substantially.

The Latino population boom has not carried over to the silver screen. Moreover, the highest-earning Latinos in Hollywood tend to be lighter skinned, while darker Latinos, although with an increasing presence on screen, tend to play supporting roles.

In order to address the issue of Afro-Latino representation, Proyecto Mas Color has begun a campaign to raise awareness about this issue, through social media and an online petition. “There has been a lack of representation of the diversity of the Latino culture, especially regarding the representation of Afro-Latinos,” explains the founder of this initiative. “The younger generation of Afro-Latinos needs role models to look up to.”

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