Saturday, May 25, 2024

AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds Campaign: A New Way to Connect with Latino Millennials









This week, AT&T announced it would be expanding The Mobile Movement (TMM) campaign to include an innovative multicultural component known as #BetweenTwoWorlds to connect with a  coveted young, tech-savy, Latino millennial demographic. AT&T has partnered with Virtue, an in-house creative agency of Vice Media, to create bilingual and Spanish documentary-style ads that capture the real-life stories of young Latino customers and how they understand the intersection of multiculturalism, language and communication.

Catherine Borda, AT&T’s director of youth marketing, noted that the expansion of the TMM campaign stemmed from the recognition that, “you still have to get your audience to fall in love with you.” Borda continued, “With this generation, where they can smell advertising from a mile away, you have to get creative.”

What distinguishes the Between Two Worlds campaign from traditional marketing initiatives is that it seeks to engage millennials in a conversation about modern communication, rather than trying to sell them a product. The commercials featuring young Latinos discussing their experience of living between cultures and languages will air in both Spanish and “Spanglish” in Spanish-language media like Univision and bilingual networks such as MTV Tr3s and ESPN Deportes.

According to Vanessa Astros from AT&T Corporate Communications, the campaign places an emphasis on storytelling which will ultimately “really resonate with Hispanic millennials by allowing them to tell their story of what it is like to live in this ambi-cultural world.”

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