Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pew Research Study Finds only 9% of Latinos are ‘Angry’ With President Obama over Immigration Delay


According to a new Pew Research Study released yesterday, only 9% of Latinos surveyed are ‘angry’ with President Obama for his decision to delay action on immigration until after the election. Although the Latino community is understandably disappointed with the decision, the survey also found that Latino voter preferences will not hinge on a singular decision by the president.

While support for Democrats among Latinos has declined, it is important to note that 50% of Latinos still believe Democrats have “more concern for Latinos.” This is a particularly telling figured when compared to the results of the same question regarding Republicans. Only 10% of respondents believe that Republicans have a greater concern for the community.

The poll also found that immigration reform remains high on the priority list of many Latino voters which is consistent with the findings of other prominent pollsters such as Latino Decisions. When asked who was to blame over such inaction, 45% said Republicans in Congress were to blame given their inability to pass the bipartisan Senate immigration bill in 2013. President Obama has indicated that he is going to use his executive authority to address immigration after Tuesday’s elections; advocates are therefore ramping up efforts to ensure any policy that the president enacts will protect families and communities against further deportations.

Although frustration is rampant over the lack of legislative action on immigration, Latino voters are also keenly aware and concerned about where candidates fall on issues such as education, health care and the economy.  A record 25.2 Million Latinos are eligible to vote this year and the results of this latest poll are a clear indication that Latinos are invested in the outcome and legislative implications of these midterm elections.

The Los Angeles Times