Friday, April 19, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Republicans have dug their own political grave upon suspending the President’s executive actions


Republicans have gone from bad to worse. On Tuesday night, February 17, a federal judge in Texas, Andrew Hanen, responding to the demand initiated by the GOP against President Obama, decided to temporarily suspend the President’s executive actions that would have provided protection to five million undocumented immigrants just one day before the program was set to take effect.

The request for temporary suspension was applauded by no less than six Republicans who long to be elected president of this great country; they are governors Bobby Jindal (LA) and Scott Walker (WI), ex-governors Rick Perry (TX) and Jeb Bush (FL), and the senator Ted Cruz (TX). Let’s be clear, this is not just a simple attack against the president, this is an attack against immigrants, our families and the core of our American values.

Although the Judicial branch should be an apolitical actor, the Republican authors of this plan have converted it into a political instrument used to advance their anti-immigrant agenda. The judge who approved the suspension has an extensive history against undocumented immigrants, therefore it should come as no surprise that he was exclusively chosen to execute this decision. But it will not help them at all.

The GOP are only looking to continue using fear and intimidation to undermine the President’s measures. That is why I urge you all to not give them that satisfaction. We cannot lose hope and we cannot be discouraged, because this is but a delay, not a definitive defeat. The administration has no doubts regarding the constitutional soundness of the President’s actions, and as the President himself reminded us, “the law and history are on our side.” It is therefore important to have the necessary documentation ready for when these protections and work permits finally come into fruition.

Republicans are completely blinded by their political ambitions and their anti-Obama agenda, but with each action against the President they are digging their own political graves and damaging their aspirations for 2016.

In addition, they continue demonstrating to the American people that they are completely incapable of responsible governance. In fact, if they continue on this course, Republicans might as well give up now and forgo participating in the 2016 elections because our community certainly will not vote for them. Never forget the power that we have, if we all go out and vote.

Through our vote we are also sending a very clear message to every politician: that our priorities are also the priorities of the nation, and that we will no longer allow ourselves to be treated as criminals and sometimes lesser than animals. Proudly and clearly tell Republicans that enough is enough and that we will see them at the polls!

This piece originally appeared in Spanish in The Washington Hispanic.