Saturday, February 24, 2024

Historic Support For Same-Sex Marriage Among Hispanics, Pew Finds

Gay flag

In a new survey conducted by Pew Research Center a majority of Hispanics now favor same-sex marriage. A total of 56% of Hispanics now approve of same-sex marriage while the same is true of 59% of whites. African-Americans on the other hand oppose same-sex marriage by 51%. Overall, the percentage of Americans now in favor or accepting of same-sex marriage reached an all-time high of 72%.

A key driver in the change in public opinion over the last decade or more has been the inclusion of millennials in recent surveys. By a wide margin, participants ages 18-34 support same-sex marriage over other age groups.

Additionally, the survey found that 65% of both Democrats and Independents support same-sex marriage while only 34% of Republicans did. The findings mark a major turnaround in public opinion not just from early 1990’s polling but also from just 5 years ago when only 42% of Americans overall expressed a favorable view of same-sex marriage. Today approximately 88% of Americans reported knowing someone who is gay or lesbian compared with 61% of those surveyed in 1993 which the survey suggests helped boost the number of those expressing acceptance over the issue.


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