Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Latino Activists Rally To Jose Diaz-Balart’s Side


Latino activists showed their dissatisfaction with MSNBC, delivering 7,000 signatures to the network’s offices in New York, after reports surface that the network may be exploring possible options to remove anchor Jose Diaz-Balart from his daily program in favor of extended airtime of its dominant program, Morning Joe.

The petition delivered to MSNBC notes that “every morning, José Díaz-Balart reports the facts about immigrant contributions in the United States,” the petition adds. “He’s a critical voice for millions of immigrant families across the country.”

“MSNBC cannot have it both way – they cannot claim to be a reliable cable news network, while silencing journalists like José Díaz-Balart.”

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) chairman Felix Sanchez pointed to previous discussions with the network about its programs and urged executives to “increase Latino representation on MSNBC.”

Further, Juan Escalante, Digital Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice Education Fund, which collected an additional 8,000 signatures in light of the Diaz-Balart news said that “José Díaz-Balart is one of the most respected journalists in the national media today, and has consistently provided fair and balanced coverage on the issues that matter most to immigrants and Latinos. We need voices like Jose’s, journalists who report on the contributions our communities make across the country, in order to combat the anti-immigrant rhetoric that continues to be spread each and every day.”

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