Saturday, May 25, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: We Don’t Have To Sacrifice Any Of Our Rights


In 2013, after losing the presidential election, the Republican Party ordered a thorough study on what they had to improve in order to win the White House. More than four years have passed since they released the “autopsy “. In plain view it seems that the Republicans have learned nothing from their mistakes, especially when it comes to Hispanics and minorities and how to relate better with us. Furthermore, these mistakes have worsened during this election compared to what they did in 2012. They are in great danger because without Latinos there is no road to the White House.

“If we want ethnic minority voters to support Republicans, we need to talk and show our sincerity,” said one of the recommendations for the improvement of relations with communities of color. I think Donald Trump took very seriously that recommendation because every time he opens his mouth he tells us what he really thinks about Latinos and other minorities. I do not think this is the kind of sincerity that the report meant, although it may be the only sincerity that the GOP can show. The 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country should be deported, according to Trump. Again, the opposite of what the GOP autopsy said because the report clearly states that they must be supportive of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship if they want to compete for Hispanic support. The report also stipulated that without support for immigration reform, the party would be in danger of being the party of older white people. If you go to any Trump event, that’s exactly what you’ll find as they tends to expel minorities from their events for fear that they will protest.

With regard to social issues such as the right to access a legal abortion and gay marriage, the Republican report also recommended that they be a little more open to these issues. If you remember in the 2012 elections, the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, waged a war on women and their reproductive rights. If you thought that something would be different this time around, unfortunately that is not the case. Just last week Trump said women who make the painful and difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy, often to save their own lives, must be punished. Then he said we have to punish doctors, something dangerous for the health of women.

As you can see nothing has changed in the Republican Party. They continue their crusade against the rights of women, gays, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, and basically the rights of all Americans. The Constitution guarantees many rights, including the right of women to make their own decisions about their bodies and the right of expression. How many more rights will Donald Trump take from us in order to satisfy his obsession to win the presidency? How many rights are we willing to sacrifice?

Friends, we don’t have to sacrifice any of our rights and much less our constitutional rights. Donald Trump and the Republicans want to intimidate us because they fear us. You still have time to register to vote and we must make sure we all get out to vote and defend our rights and those of our families. Yes we can!

This article originally appeared in the Washington Hispanic