Friday, May 24, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: An Interesting “Uniting” Strategy Directed To Republican Critics


The real estate mogul, Donald Trump, continues his tour of the United States seeking to “unify” the Republican Party, and those who don’t already supporting him, will be destroyed politically in the process. This is Trump’s strategy to unify the party, which was deployed last week in the state of New Mexico in one of his rallies in which he attacked the Republican governor of that state, Susana Martinez.

Susana Martinez is one of the most prominent Latina women in American politics today. She is also the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, and beloved in the state of New Mexico. I, as a Democrat, do not have much in common with the conservative governor of that state, but what we do have in common it is that we both are Latinas and these attacks demonize all women.

Mr. Trump lied to the audience at his rally in Albuquerque, when he told them that the governor was not doing her job. He also told them that she had let Syrian refugees into the state, something that is false. But what motives did Donald Trump have to attack the governor of this state, and who happens to be a Latina? All this has to do with her refusal to support him, citing major concerns about his candidacy in private meetings and refusing to attend the rally with Trump. Like most of our community, Mrs. Martinez did not take too kindly the extremist policies proposed by Mr. Trump on immigration and his continued attacks on immigrants. These are very sensible issues for the governor.

For many inside the Republican Party, this behavior indicates that Donald Trump is sending a message to all those who are not supporting him: join me or you will be destroyed. The attacks on the governor of New Mexico are not only to put her in her place, but also to stand as an example. This strategy will not work for republicans.

Something that can’t be denied is that Donald Trump has many critics, even within his party, but out of all of them he chose to make an example of the only Latina governor in the country. He questioned her work and lied about her record as governor. Why? ls this his strategy to attract more Latinos to the party?

We know that there is no path to the White House without the Latino vote. Republicans should have learned about in both the elections of 2008 and 2012, in which candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney accumulated no more than 31% and 27%, respectively. And they lost overwhelmingly.

Often, politics is usually a little dirty but also above all there must be a level of respect that Trump is apparently unable to promote. When he attacks Susana Martinez, he is fueling the flames of racism and hatred which his supporters already have about our community. Trump began his campaign attacking Latinos and continues to do so.

There is only a little time left before the end of this primary season and I want to ask you to register to vote. Only united can we defeat Trump.

Original article can be found on The Washington Hispanic.