Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Desperation and a Srategy to Divide


Every time Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump opens his mouth it is usually to say something terrible about someone or to insult entire groups of voters. I think he is beginning to realize that this strategy is not working. This can be seen in the most recent surveys where Hillary Clinton is winning by about 6 points, 44.7% to 38.7% among voters across the country.

In complete desperation, Trump decided to take his message of divide, hatred, and racism to African American communities in the country, giving a speech in the state of Wisconsin in which Hillary Clinton is winning by 15 points. Of all the places that Trump could have chosen to give this type of speech, he chose Washington County on the outskirts of Milwaukee, which has a population of 1.2% African Americans according to the U.S. census, to discuss the problems associated with African Americans. It is unbelievable.

Trump is finding it almost impossible to get the support of minority communities. Among African Americans, Donald Trump has the support of just 1% of the community and if he thinks this speech will change that he is very wrong! In his speech, Trump invited the African American community to join him for a “different and better” future accusing the Democrats of having betrayed their community.

Trump took the opportunity to make a call to recruit more policemen, an idea that has no support in the community as they prefer those funds to create programs for education and job training, to help the community move forward. He also spoke of the need to protect the police but nothing about protecting those who are killed, sometimes, by the same policemen.

As usual, Donald Trump took the chance to attack immigrants, claiming that they are taking jobs away from African Americans and attacking their communities. All this in an effort to divide and cause fear in these communities of color that today are more united than ever in the fight against Trump.

We cannot forget how Trump began his campaign, insulting Mexicans as rapists and drug traffickers, promising to build a giant wall on the southern border. He has also expressed his draconian tactics when it comes to combating terrorism, including a large number of violations of constitutional rights.

This week, apart from his terrible attempt to reach the African American community, Trump also revealed his plan of “extreme vetting” for those wanting to enter the country, while closing the entrance to every Muslim. As always he had no details to provide, but promised that he would fight terrorism “cruelly if necessary”.

Is this the country we want to live in? Such strategies have been used against Jews, Latinos, African Americans, Japanese and Native Americans throughout history with the purpose of oppressing minorities. This is not the country we want to build.

Friends, you must register and go out to vote. These elections are very important. We have two options: faith in a better future with Hillary Clinton, or what looks like a dictatorship in the hands of a spoiled brat. The future is in our hands.