Saturday, May 18, 2024

Comentarios From Maria: A Test Let Us Know Who Is Ready To Lead The Country


Last week, we witnessed live as Donald Trump failed in his first test in external affairs. This week he failed in his first test as commander in chief of the armed forces.

For the first time, on the same stage and in front of the same audience, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met to discuss who is more qualified to be commander in chief. Both candidates responded to questions from the audience, most of them veterans, discussing issues such as the situation in Syria, the war against terrorism and ISIS, handling of classified information and the care of veterans when they return home.

The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, answered with concrete answers. She explained her plan to eliminate ISIS, which includes a coalition of Muslim nations with technical support from the United States. She stressed that her plan does not include making countless American soldiers fight and promised never to endanger the lives of our soldiers if not necessary.

A Donald Trump, as someone who has insulted the armed forces, veterans and military continually, it became very difficult to express some sort of concrete plan when it came time to face the opportunities to improve the armed forces.

According to Trump, he knows “more about ISIS that the generals” who are in charge and Trump added that “our military forces are weak”, “the armed forces are in ruins,” and also said “we do not win with our military”. Will we put the lives of our soldiers in the hands of someone who from the start is going to see them as losers?

We know that Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be president, much less by how he expresses himself, because every time he opens his mouth it is to insult a group of people. It is terrifying that should there be any disagreement with a leader of another country, Donald Trump could lose his temper and just knowing that the nuclear launch codes would be in his hands is very frightening.

For Trump, likes praises from draconian men like Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he thinks that Putin is a true “leader”, not like President Obama. In the same stage and during the same half hour, Trump flattered the president of Russia, an ally of President Assad of Syria, an ally of Iran and responsible for the intrusion into the Democratic Party’s

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