Friday, April 19, 2024

40 Young Latinos Travel to Washington to tell the President to Stop Deporting Undocumented Immigrants

On Monday, forty Latino and African American children and teens, from ages 2-18, departed Miami on a bus to Washington, DC to tell President Donald Trump to stop deporting undocumented immigrants. Upon arriving to the nation’s capital, the group from Miami will be joined by a similar group of more than 100 youthful activists from New York, to join their voices in front of the gates of the White House.

Leah Cayaso, 11, one of the 40 students traveling 1,300 miles to Washington, wants to “stop the deportations,” but she is also fearful for the future of her family, sobbing in her father’s arms prior to boarding the bus. Her fear is that upon returning, her father may be gone.

The bus is expected to make its first stop in Atlanta, where the group will meet with others who share their same struggle, and then head to Raleigh, North Carolina, where they will issue a press conference before the State Education Department. The bus is then expected to arrive to Washington, where together with the group from New York, they will lead a demonstration at Lafayette Square in front of the Presidential mansion.

Elena Marquez, 17, is of Guatemalan descent, as well as one of the oldest girls to ride the bus, all of whom have sacrificed their Spring Break for something they consider “more important,” fighting for their rights. Elena is choosing to participate after having witnessed firsthand the deportation of her father after traffic cops pulled him over for driving “without a driver’s license.”

Elena told the rest of her companions “we’re not afraid, we’re brave and we’ll never give in – this is just the beginning!” The group from Miami will arrive to Washington on Thursday, April 13th and they are determined to make their voices heard.

Al Día News