Saturday, May 18, 2024

Sessions Steps Up Criminal Immigration Enforcement

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice called for prosecutors to crack down on undocumented immigrants who commit crimes, and step up overall “criminal immigration enforcement.” The Department of Justice is expected to add 50 immigration judges this year and 75 next year, Attorney General Sessions said during a speech to Customs and Border Protection in Nogales, Arizona.

“We mean international criminal organizations that turn cities and suburbs into war zones, that rape and kill innocent civilians, and who profit by smuggling poison and other human being across our borders. Depravity and violence are their calling cards, including brutal machete attacks, even beheadings.” Sessions said.

In his speech, Sessions went as far as to suggest federal prosecutors consider for prosecution, offenses such as the transferring or harboring of undocumented immigrants, and assaulting law enforcement officers. Among Sessions’ other directives for prosecution were document fraud and aggravated identity theft, as well as felony prosecution for undocumented immigrants who enter the country illegally after previously being removed.

“In this fight, I am here to tell you, the brave men and women of the Customs and Border Protection: We hear you. We hear your concerns. We have your back. Under the President’s leadership and guided by his executive orders, we will secure this border and bring the full weight of both the immigration courts and the federal enforcement and prosecutor to combat this attack on our national security and our sovereignty,” said Sessions.

Sessions maintains that the department in the “Trump Era” will place great emphasis on securing the border, dismantling drug cartels and prosecuting criminal undocumented workers. Sessions’ ‘multifaceted approach’ claims it will investigate and prosecute trafficking networks to the fullest extent of the law.

The Hill Latino