Friday, May 24, 2024

Poll conducted by Latino Organizations find that nearly 70% of Latinos feel President Trump ignored early signs of Coronavirus spread

According to the nation’s first 2020 poll of solely Latinos living in America, Latinos overwhelmingly feel the president ignored the early signs of the coronavirus, which led to its worsening spread across the country.

Overall, 69% agreed that President Trump was to blame for not responding soon enough and making matters worse. “As the Latino community continues to bear the disproportionate impacts of the coronavirus when it comes to their health, their children’s education and their economic well-being, we are turning to our leaders to make sure we don’t get left behind in the recovery phase,” said Henry R. Munoz III, co-founder of SOMOS, the organization which commissioned the poll.

The poll was conducted by Latino Decisions, an organization focused on Latino political opinion research and SOMOS, the country’s largest physician-led health delivery network. Of SOMOS’s nearly 3,000 physicians and 800,000 patients, nearly all are immigrants or first-generation Americans, and over two-thirds are Latino.

“The Latino vote is going to be critical in November and it is urgent that candidates and campaigns communicate and connect with Latino voters right now to keep them engaged and ready to vote,” said Matt A. Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions. According to the poll, for most Latinos the response to the pandemic has now become the overwhelming political issue that congress should address.

“Latinos are suffering the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis and the only way they can prevent another disaster like Donald Trump’s failed leadership is by voting him out,” said Mayra Macias, Executive Director of the Latino Victory Fund. When asked about how they feel about November’s presidential election, 59% of Latinos favor former Vice President Joe Biden, over President Trump.