Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Trump’s Last Attempt at Limiting Immigration

After Election Day, the Trump Administration has tried to make changes that will make it easier  for immigrants to be denied visas, extend the citizenship test, and appoint new members to an immigration policy board. Some Trump staff has even gone as far as urging Trump to sign an executive order which will end the birthright citizenship of children of immigrants.

During Trump’s presidency, he and his administration have attempted multiple times to limit immigration. Some of the attempts include; placing a travel ban from Muslim-majority countries, separating families at the southern border, and severe reductions on refugees allowed in the country and temporary foreign workers. Now, the Trump Administration is attempting to put in place policies limiting immigration and making it  hard for President-elect Joe Biden to reverse them.

According to Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, “What they’re doing through the transition is working their way down their list of items to minimize immigration to the U.S. The Trump administration has been widely effective in terms of grinding our immigration system to a halt.” President Trump believed that he was going to be re-elected and has yet to publicly acknowledge that he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, but he and his team have been working efficiently to make all kinds of changes before he leaves office.

But Trump also failed to achieve some of his immigration promises, such as ending DACA. However, a federal judge has recently agreed with Trump that former President Obama overstepped his authority when he created  DACA  and  will soon determine its legality.

As Trump is on his way out of office, he keeps attempting to limit immigration, and although many people disagree with his actions, his supporters are asking him to take it even further in his last days in office. As it is in the case of Chris Chmielensky, deputy director at Number USA, who stated, “When it comes to the promises the president made before he was elected and even after he was elected, we’d like to see him follow through. Past administrations have done it. This is something they do”