Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Kamala Harris Teases Biden Administration Immigration Priorities

The upcoming administration, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President- elect Kamala Harris, will focus their term in office in decreasing  wait times to obtain citizenship, granting automatic green cards to protected undocumented immigrants and adding immigration judges to decrease backlogs on court hearings.

During an interview, Harris mentioned an immigration reform bill that her and Biden’s administration plan to introduce. She added that their bill would grant green cards immediately to immigrants protected by the Temporary Protected Stated (TPS) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) . She further stated that their bill would make the naturalization process more efficient, thus, decreasing the amount of time required to acquire U.S. citizenship to eight years from 13 years.

Harris’ comments about a potential  new immigration bill come before a group of undocumented activists from across the country  join local faith leaders who demand a meeting with Biden in order to pressure him to keep with his campaign promises. The members of RAICEs and Movimiento Cosecha have not yet received a response to their requests to hold a meeting with Biden.

They hope to push Biden to go beyond his promise to temporarily discontinued deportation but also rollback some of the Trump administration ruled and executive orders.  Pastor Chelsea Spyres, who leads the Grace United Methodist Church, stated “Reversing Trump’s anti-immigrant policies is a beginning, but it cannot be the end of Biden’s immigration plan.”