Friday, April 12, 2024

Latino Lawmaker Calls Out GOP’s Hypocrisy Surrounding January 6th

Representative Pete Aguilar calls it “deeply troubling” that some lawmakers who call out government repression and tyranny in Cuba and Venezuela “came back after the insurrection and voted to decertify the election.”

The day after Rep. Jim Jordan refused to assist the House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, Nicaragua swore in Daniel Ortega as president, prompting the U.S. to retaliate with sanctions for what many have said was a rigged election.

Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, who shares close ties with President Trump, stated that he has nothing worth sharing about the day that’s widely considered an attempted coup.

The Vice Chair of the House of Democratic Caucus and the only Latino on the committee investigating the riot, Rep. Aguilar, states he views his job to uncover what happened the day the U. S’s own democratic electoral process was threatened.

The hold on power Ortega has been a reminder of how precious democracy is, which many Latinos, especially those from countries in political turmoil or with families in them, understand, Aguilar states.

Aguilar feels let down by his colleagues, including fellow Latino lawmakers, who are sustaining Trump’s claim of a stolen election and denying the gravity of the insurrection.

Owen Kilmer, Aguilar’s spokesman, shared that the committee has received information over 340 witnesses, reviewed more than 450,000 documents, and is following up on 350 tips.

“If we put together a report that is fact-based, my belief is that the country will pay attention and people will hear the warning signs for democracy that we are pointing to,” Aguilar said.

NBC News