Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Biden Administration Supports Legal Status for Families Separated at Border

This week, the White House stated their support of permanent legal status for undocumented families separated at the U.S. – Mexico border during the Trump administration.

During Trump’s presidency, under the “Zero Tolerance” Policy, over 5,600 undocumented children were separated from their parents.

The new standpoint comes at the anniversary of the task force the Biden administration set up to help reunite family members.

The Executive Director of the task force, Michelle Brané, stated that as many as 1,200 families remain separated, however, since Biden took office almost 130 have been reunited and over 400 reunifications are in progress.

If Congress passes legislation that lines up with the White House’s goals, the separated families will be eligible for permanent legal status.

Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, stated “We are advocating to Congress that they provide these individuals with legal status-that requires a statutory change. The White House is 100 percent supportive of it, as am I, and we continue to advocate vigorously for it.”

As of now, the families have no financial relief. In December 2021, the Biden Administration walked away from negotiations to financially compensate the families.

Last year, Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would help provide a route to permanent legal status. The bill has not advanced in the House or the Senate.