Saturday, April 20, 2024

Venezuelan Migrants Deported from The Dominican Republic, Ask the U.S. for a Second Chance

Ricardo Villasmil, in a video call from an immigration detention center in Texas states, he suffers from severe neck pain because of the abuse he received from Venezuelan authorities when he was deported from the United States in October 2021.

Immigration authorities from the U.S. are using developing nations, such as Caribbean Islands or Colombia, to deport Venezuelan migrants. Villasmil was one of dozens deported to Venezuela through the Dominican Republic.

All those deported have these things in common, they were deported on commercial flights unknown to other passengers by ICE agents without visible identification and through the Dominican Republic.

This method, established during the Trump administration, has been criticized by pro-immigrant organizations.

Sen. Bob Menendez, marked in a recent statement that it “is extremely disturbing” and can be led to “harsh consequences” for Venezuelans who are sent back.

The Venezuelan American community is rallying to help deportees who are trying again to seek U.S. asylum.

A community organizer, Edison Calderón said, “We do not want a Venezuelan brother to die because this country mistakenly deported him to Venezuela without taking into account the highly risky situations for Venezuelans’ lives.”

Calderón stressed that the U.S. is among many nations that don’t recognize the Maduro government as legitimate.

“We ask that these cases be reopened, taken into account, studied very meticulously,” Calderón, who obtained U.S. asylum, stated.