Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Number of Cuban Migrants at U.S.- Mexico Border Will Reach Historic Level

By the end of the year, the number of Cubans arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border will reach a historical level.

According to internal Customs and Border Protection data, many Cuban migrants crossing the border have overpassed those migrating from Central America during the month of March.

It was reported by the Washington Post that during the month of March, 32,000 Cubans were taken into U.S. custody along the Mexican border, compared to the 16,600 Cubans that were taken into U.S. custody in February.

Department of Homeland Security Senior officials state that they cannot deport Cubans back to their country because their government will not take them back.

The Cuban Island is currently dealing with inflation and food and medicine shortages, which have worsened due to the pandemic.

The Cuban government advocates for legal migration to the U.S., blaming the economic sanctions that the U.S. has ongoing in Cuba.

“The current economic crisis, the pandemic, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a close ally of Cuba, are the “perfect storm” Jorge Duany, an anthropology professor, specializing in migration at Florida International University stated. “All of these factors are pressing people to look for ways to leave, whether legally or illegally.”

NBC News