Friday, April 19, 2024

Mujer Emprende Interview with Keiser University, Alumna, Marilu Gamino-Narvaez

During Women’s History Month, Mujer Emprende focused on interviewing successful Latina women, Marilu Gamino-Narvaez, a Keiser University Alumna, was one of them.

After four years of being part of the Marine Corps and leaving due to health problems, Marilu Gamino-Narvaez, a Latina woman from Mexico, enrolled at Keiser University to study business. Before enrolling at Keiser University, Marilu worked at a gas station as a cashier and was soon promoted to assistant manager While working at a gas station, a coworker, now her husband, saw her potential and continuously encouraged her to higher her education. She took her coworker’s advice and enrolled at Keiser University to pursue a career in business.

While at Keiser University, Marilu worked full-time and appreciated how the institution went at the pace of its students, which helped her complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Business. She thanks Keiser University for the support they offered her as a military veteran. She further acknowledges that she could not have graduated Valedictorian at Keiser without the help and support of her husband, professors, and advisors.

Marilu now works as a fixed-assets accountant for Miami-Dade transportation and volunteers for the VITA program at the Miami Keiser University campus, which provides tax assistance to low-income families.

She encourages everyone to believe in themselves and chase their dreams.

Mujer Emprende’s Interview with Marilu Gamino-Narvaez