Friday, July 19, 2024

Andrea Salinas to Make History in November After House Primary Win in Oregon

This week, Oregon Representative Andrea Salinas won a Democratic congressional primary. She defeated a better represented opponent supported by the House of Representative leadership’s campaign arm.

Salinas would be the first Latina from Oregon to be elected to Congress if she were to win the election in November of 2022.

If Salinas were to win, it would be a boost for the Latino Democrats who disagreed with the Democratic leadership’s House Majority PAC over the endorsement of Carrick Flynn.

In a statement, Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, Bold PAC’s chairman, stated that Salinas was outspent 13 to 1. He later expressed to the Hill that the investment made by the leadership’s PAC reflected a lack of investment in Latino voters.

“I am ready to win this seat in November and work hard to expand access to abortion care, tackle the climate crisis, and lower the cost of prescription drugs,” Salinas said.

NBC News