Saturday, July 20, 2024

Monica Ramirez’s Interview on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos

This week, Monica Ramirez, founder, and president of Justice for Migrant Women joined Jorge Ramos for his show Al Punto on Univision. Monica shared her efforts to be the voice for migrant farmworker women in the U.S. and to shine a light on the rampant sexual assault they face in the agricultural industry. Her Human Who Feed Us campaign looks to humanize migrant farmworkers, who make up 25% of farm workers in the U.S. but are often overlooked.

Monica talked about her roots; as a first-generation Mexican American and the daughter of farmworkers, she received help from rancheros and ended up becoming a lawyer and graduating from Harvard University. She shared that she feels a responsibility to ensure that kids in the same position as her receive the same opportunities. Lastly, Monica talked about the James Beard Leadership Award she received for helping migrant women in the food industry.

If you wish to hear more from Monica, her work and watch her conversation with Jorge Ramos, you can do so here.